How To Build an Email List With Boosted Post Facebook Ads

Discover the thrill of digital conquest as you delve into the captivating world of Facebook Ads. Imagine an ever-growing army of loyal followers, their emails at your fingertips. Now, how can you transform this fantasy into a thrilling reality? The answer lies in the smart, strategic use of Facebook.

5 FREE ways to build your email list with Facebook.

There are numerous ways to build your email list with Facebook.

  1. Creating A Business Page and collecting emails from followers
  2. Inviting people from a personal page to your business page to collect emails
  3. Starting a Facebook Group
  4. Joining Facebook Groups
  5. Post relevant content on your business page, then share it through your personal page, inviting those who liked the post to follow your business page—then grab the emails from those who follow / like your page.


These free tactics can bolster your email list, give exposure for a product launch, but what if you hunger for more? What if the tide of followers slows down or their engagement dwindles? Fear not, as there's a potent weapon in your arsenal: Facebook Ads!

What are Facebook Boosted Post Ads?

Let's dive into the swirling ocean of Facebook ads. This article focuses on one particular, highly effective type: Boosted Posts.


Boosted Posts:

A Boosted Post can turn your ordinary content into a digital powerhouse. It lets you pay for a wider audience reach by hand-picking area, interest, and age demographics. Leveraging boosted posts efficiently means understanding your audience, crafting customer profiles. For a fledgling company, they're an inexpensive way to test the waters and discover your audience.

Let's unveil the winning formula:

Content + Demographics + Interest = Premium Email Leads At A Bargain.

Essential Gear for Success

  • Email Collection Software like Klayivo, Convertkit, or Mail Chimp
  • A Facebook Business or Creator Page
  • Google Sheet / Excel
  • Captivating Content

How to Gather Emails with Boosted Posts: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Content

Create an intriguing piece of content. Content should be a photo, video, blog or article. Have the cover be a scroll stopper. Something that will grab people's attention to make them stop scrolling through their endless feed

Step 2: Posting

Post this content on your feed.

Step 3: Boosting A Post

Once your content is out in the open, select 'Boost Post' to amplify its reach.

Step 4: Set Your Goal

To collect emails, you'll want to choose 'More Leads'.

Customer Information

Step 5: Creating A Contact Form

For more control over your ad-, select customize form text, placing a headline and description. Under contact info, choose full name and email. We suggest skipping the other information because you recreate this information in Steps 6 & 7 with better insight.

Step 6: Add Questions

Adding questions is optional. If you create questions, make sure they provide in-depth customer insight. Let's take a muscle recovery company, for example. Some questions could be, where is your injury? Do you have any injuries? How often do you get massages? Are you currently using any muscle recovery products? If yes then what. These types of questions provide a lot of insight into the audience.

Step 7: Audience

Click Advantage Audience. Under advantage audience target location, age, and interest. Pick either 1 or 3 options depending on your business.


If you’re a local store brick n mortar store- this feature is essential because you can target people within a 1mi-20mi radius of your store. You can select the entire US if you’re a direct-to-consumer brand shipping across the US. If you’re a newer brand with a 3PL in one location or shipping product from your house- do some research to find the cheapest places to ship, then target those states. You will save a lot of money on shipping, plus provide business operations talent.


If you know your audience or have an audience in mind, select that particular age. If you need more clarification- select all ages. According to Oberlo of FB 3 billion users- 30% are 25-34 (~596M People), 21.5% are 18-24, 19% are 35-44, 12% are 45-54, and 13% are 55+. The remaining 5.5% are under 18.


To find niche interest on Facebook, you must engineer or word hack until you find interest categories matching your product or service. For example- you are selling muscle recovery products an interest would be Athletes because they get injured at a higher rate than the average person. Keeping with this example- you can target Crossfit if you want to get further down in the niche. Why? Those who do Crossfit have a 70% chance of getting an injury. For a muscle recovery company, that is a perfect interest audience type.

Step 8: Choose A Duration & Budget

For best results, set the duration to 5-7 days. Budgets are how much the campaign will spend during the selected time. If your budget is $100 for a 5-day duration- your daily spend is $20.

Step 9: Placement

For optimal results, turn off Advantage+ placement. Run your boosted posts on Facebook and Instagram, not Messenger.

Post-Campaign Action Steps:

Once your adrenaline-fueled campaign concludes, download those precious emails and tag them appropriately in your email platform. Using the muscle recovery example- tag the audience FB- Boosted- Crossfit.

After uploading and tagging your audience, take time to analyze your results with the following metrics:

Cost Per Click (CPC) = Clicks / Total Spend

Cost Per Lead (CPL) = Leads / Total Spend

These metrics will help you gauge the success of future campaigns, allowing for future optimization. Facebook does an ok job tracking- but you should also do tracking outside of Facebook during the collection phase. The info will show whether an audience is fit for the product or service.

Remember the winning formula: Content + Demographics + Interest = Quality Email Leads For Less.

Always test and try new things within these categories to find the best audience for you.

Evaluating The Quality of Your Leads

After you collect your leads and track your CPCs and CPLs, it’s time to find out the quality of these leads. 

You will track the following metrics via email blast to your tagged audience:

Open Rate= Opened Emails / Emails Sent

Click Through Rate (CTR)= Emails Clicks / Emails Sent

Conversion Rate = Conversions / Email Sent

Most email softwares will track these metrics for you.

For the first email blast- these first sets of numbers will be your baseline- If you have sent emails to leads before- compare the audiences to previous campaigns for results conclusions.  

Bonus Equation For Audience Conversion Predictions:

Cost Per Conversion= Cost Per Lead* Conversion Rate

With your toolkit now complete, you're ready to conquer the digital realm with Facebook Ads, amassing a treasure trove of email leads in the process.

Embrace this riveting journey of digital conquest. Unleash the power of Facebook Ads, and let the torrent of quality emails flow in, catapulting your business towards unprecedented success. Here's to your imminent triumph in the thrilling world of Facebook Ads and email marketing!