Email List Building 101 Guide

Introduction To Email List Building

Let's think of a scenario. Imagine you are the captain of a spaceship and you've discovered an amazing new galaxy full of stars! Now, wouldn't you want to tell all your friends about it? That's what email list building is all about—it's like creating a powerful space communicator that allows you to share your incredible discoveries with all your friends across the universe.

In the vast world of business, building an email list is like gathering a team of explorers, each one interested in your journey and excited about your discoveries. The emails you collect are like precious pieces of zero-party data, which is just a fancy term for information people willingly share with you because they trust you and want to be part of your adventure.

Collecting this zero-party data allows you to build stronger bonds with your fellow explorers. As you learn more about what they like and don't like, you can personalize the journey for each of them, making them more excited and engaged. The result? A thriving team of explorers ready to support your mission and contribute to the growth of your expedition!


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How To Build An Email List

Building an email list is like building a magnificent sandcastle—it needs time, patience, and, of course, sand (or in our case, email addresses)!

Step 1: Choose the perfect spot. In our world, this would be an email marketing platform. Our personal favorites are: Klaviyo, Converkit, Clickfunnels and Mailchip. It's like a magic toolbox that helps you collect and store your emails and send your messages.

Step 2: Build a beautiful bucket form. Just like you need a bucket to collect sand for your castle, you need a form on your website where people can type in their email addresses.

Step 3: Offer something valuable, like a shiny seashell, to your friends to encourage them to share their email addresses. This could be a newsletter, discount code, template, free course. These are basic lead magnets to incentives future customers to share their email.

Building Email List Through Social Media

Have you ever seen a message in a bottle? Social media is like our vast ocean where we can send many messages in bottles (posts) to people far and wide. Here are some ways to do that:

Step 1: Share your shiny seashells (opt-in incentives) on your social media pages. People who follow you are more likely to provide their email because you have built trust through past interactions

Step 2: Just like a magical billboard, social media advertising can help your message reach even more people.

Step 3: Encourage your friends to share your message with others. The more people who know about what you're doing, the more email addresses you can collect!

B2B Email List Building

B2B list building is all about—connecting with other businesses and sharing useful and exciting things with them through sales and partnership opportunities

Step 1: Create special incentives tailored for businesses, touch on how your solution solves their problem

Step 2: Just like making friends try to connect and partner with other businesses to help each other grow. Lay out what you think a partnership would like and why you want to partner with them.

Step 3: LinkedIn is like a professional club where businesses hang out. You can meet lots of businesses there and invite them to join your email list!

Email List Building Strategies

Think of building email list as a game and we have lots of strategies to win!

Strategy 1: Pop-up forms are like cards in a casino, appearing your website, asking visitors if they'd like to share their email address with you.

Strategy 2: Hosting webinars or online events are gatherings where you build a community and ask attendees if they want to keep hearing from you and others

Strategy 3: Everyone wants to know the secrets! Offer exclusive content to your subscribers to make them feel special.

And remember, always try different things and see what works best. Just like trying different toppings on your ice cream, sometimes you have to experiment to find your favorite!

Imagine you have two friends—one loves the outdoors, and the other loves betting on games. You wouldn't send the same story to both, right? That's what list segmentation is all about—grouping your email friends based on their likes, dislikes, behaviors and sending them content they will enjoy!