Browse Abandonment Email Flow: A Complete Guide

As digital landscapes evolve, so do consumers' shopping habits. A prevalent behavior observed among online shoppers is browse abandonment. In the thriving world of e-commerce, understanding and addressing this phenomenon is pivotal. This article aims to unfold the mystery surrounding browse abandonment and offers a roadmap to creating an effective browse abandonment email flow.

Browse Abandonment Basics

Browse abandonment occurs when potential customers browse items on an online store but exit without making a purchase or even adding items to their shopping cart. This behavior contrasts with cart abandonment, where customers add items to their cart but do not complete the transaction.

Several factors can trigger browse abandonment, such as merely researching products, comparing prices, or getting distracted during browsing. Understanding these reasons can provide valuable insights for creating effective strategies to lure back these potential customers


Noteworthiness Of Browse Abandonment Emails

Browse abandonment emails are strategic tools to recapture the attention of shoppers who left your website without making a purchase. They serve a dual purpose – not only do they boost customer engagement, but they also increase conversion rates by reminding customers about the products they were interested in.

Moreover, browse abandonment emails can serve as a perfect conversion email sequence, re-engaging lost shoppers with a personalized touch. By acknowledging a customer's interest in your products and offering an incentive to return, you can make a significant impact on your overall sales.

Setting Up a Browse Abandonment Email Flow

Setting up a browse abandonment email flow may seem daunting, but it's made easier with the right tools and a bit of guidance. The first step is selecting a capable email marketing software that allows for tracking browsing behavior and automating email sequences. Once you have the necessary tools in place, the process typically follows these steps:

  1. Track user behavior: Use cookies or tracking pixels to understand what products your website visitors are interested in.
  2. Collect consumers emails for more targeted outreach
  3. Segment your audience: Divide your audience based on their browsing behavior.
  4. Create an email sequence: Use the insights gained from tracking and segmentation to craft personalized email sequences that entice customers back to your store.

Klaviyo is the best software to use for Browse Abandonment. They provide videos on how to set up everything.

Key Elements For Browse Abandonment Email Flow

Effective browse abandonment emails share several common characteristics. One of the most important elements is personalization. Customizing emails to reflect the customer's browsing history helps to create a connection between the shopper and your brand.

Timing also plays a critical role. According to Email Flow 101 Guide, it's crucial to strike while the iron is hot. A well-timed email can lead to higher conversion rates.

A compelling subject line can mean the difference between an open or ignored email. Visit 50 Browse Abandonment Email Subject Lines for ideas on creating catchy subject lines.

Relevant product recommendations can remind the shopper of what caught their eye and effective calls to action (CTAs) can guide them back to your website.

Best Practices for Browse Abandonment Emails

Browse abandonment emails require a delicate balance to avoid being perceived as intrusive. Segmentation and targeting are necessary to ensure the right messages reach the right audience.

Maintaining an appropriate frequency of emails is also important. Sending too many can overwhelm or annoy recipients, but too few may result in missed opportunities.

A multichannel strategy can supplement your email campaign. SMS and push notifications can serve as reminders and drive customers back to your website.

Regular testing and optimization are key. A/B tests, for instance, can help determine the best subject lines, CTAs, and email layouts.

Examples of Successful Browse Abandonment Email Campaigns

Various businesses have leveraged browse abandonment emails to drive up their conversions. Studying these case studies can provide insights into what works and why.

Example: Recoup is a muscle recovery company used by 100+ pro athletes and featured on INC.5000 Fastest Growing Companies.

Timing & Setup

Recoup uses Klaviyo for their abandon browser flow.

Filters are:

Viewed Product

Haven't Started Checkout

Haven't Placed an order

Have Not Been In This Flow

Timing: Recoup has two hours which is a standard time. Through testing they found this timing to have the highest conversion. A/B test timing for best results.

Browse Abandonment Email Subject Lines

Recoup is running an A/B test on subject lines. General one is- Can't Decide? Other is more targeted- Hot or Cold? They use the latter because their products come use hot or cold therapy. They are making it relatable to customers, while letting them know Recoup sells both types of products.

Browse Abandonment Email Content: Above The Fold

They show their logo- which is clickable to improve their impression count. The photo content is a therapist helping someone with Recoups products - while the copywriting offers help, building trust with customers visually & written.

Underneath- there are photos of all the body parts Recoup recovers. Based on the body part someone clicks- it leads to a tailored landing page based on that body part. This helps Recoup provide niche content that converts while improving customer understanding of why people buy the products.


Browse Abandonment Email Content: Below The Fold

Recoup builds trust by showcasing how many 5 star reviews they have. Underneath they show visually 5 stars with a real customer review. Social Proof through reviews is a powerful conversion tactic. Then they follow up with content that matches the review with the Cryosleeve being used on the arm. Finally a call to action. They use a perfect blend of photo and written content.

Measuring the Success of Browse Abandonment Email Flow

Regularly monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) like open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate to assess the success of your browse abandonment email flow. Tools like Google Analytics can help track progress and suggest adjustments as needed.

Overcoming Common Challenges

Privacy considerations and email deliverability are potential challenges to be mindful of. It's critical to respect privacy laws, such as GDPR, while also ensuring your emails don't end up in the spam folder. Also, managing a large product catalog can be challenging but is achievable with proper data management.

In a nutshell, browse abandonment emails play an instrumental role in reconnecting with potential customers who have shown interest in your products but have not yet made a purchase. Integrating them into your email marketing strategy, as suggested in the Welcome Series Flow, can significantly improve your e-commerce business' conversion rates. The initial effort required to set up and optimize your browse abandonment email flow is well worth the long-term rewards.