8 Ways To Grow Email List

8 Ways to Build a Better Email List Through Instagram and Website

Developing a robust email list can be a lengthy process, but the benefits far outweigh the time invested. Essentially, it offers you a cost-free customer base that you can market to over an extended period. After obtaining customer details, the next step is to transform them into key performance indicators (KPIs). Although the idea of creating a customer list of 100k might seem overwhelming, we're here to simplify the process.

Here's a bird's eye view of the challenges and solutions:


People are often hesitant to disclose their personal information.


Make it worth their while. Incentives: Offer discounts, exclusive releases, or guaranteed pricing. Product: Develop a product that delivers value, compelling customers to not only share their information but also pay for it. Trust: Establish trust through influencers, blog articles, or social proof.

Here are 8 strategies to expand your email list:

Growing Email List Through A Website

1. Implement a pop-up offering a discount on the first purchase.

  • For a more detailed customer profile, allow customers to choose from select options. For instance, Served By Sammy asks customers to specify their preferred type of alcohol, providing useful data for future product development and demographic insights.

Pro tip: Make sure the discount code is emailed to the customer and not instantly provided on the site to avoid fake email submissions.

2. Limited Releases

  • Think of Supreme. They run low quantities exclusive drops that sell out immediately. Take this method and apply it to your email collection. 
  • Example: Sign-up to get exclusive drops.

3. Encourage sharing with friends,

  • Especially for subscription-based businesses. For example, offer three months of free product if a friend makes a purchase or a 50% discount on the first purchase if five friends sign up.

4. Email Subscription link on the middle or bottom of most of your pages excluding product pages.

  • If you have a blog or focus on SEO, inserting an email subscription link can build trust with readers who engage deeply with your content.

Growing Email List With Instagram

1. Leverage the comment to direct message (DM) to email collection

  • Ask followers to comment on a post, then respond with a DM asking for their email. Keep track of these emails on a Google Sheet and upload them to your email service provider.
  • This may sound tedious, but tools like ManyChat can automate the entire process.

2. Partnerships Building

  • Partnerships can help expand your email list through trust by utilizing the same comment to DM to email process on your partner's account.
  • Example: I have partnered with Business X. Comment Summer below to get the best Y Product

3. Giveaways

  • Giveaways are an effective way to prompt people into action with incentives.
  • For instance, offer $100 to the first 1000 people who sign up for a free class.

4. Lead Generation

  • Landing Page- Link it Include a link in your bio leading to a landing page. Even if you're uncertain about what you're selling, just having something up can attract significant traffic.
  • If you're selling a product, Shopify is a recommended platform due to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features.

In conclusion, building a strong email list is a strategic and ongoing process, but its importance cannot be overstated. It's a powerful tool that provides direct access to a customer base you can nurture, engage with, and sell to over time. While the task may seem daunting, leveraging the right tactics and tools can streamline the process and yield significant results.

Remember, it's not just about collecting email addresses; it's also about establishing trust and providing value. Whether it's through offering enticing incentives, delivering high-quality products, or fostering trust via influencers and social proof, each interaction should bring your customers closer to your brand.

With tactics like website pop-ups, social media engagement, partnerships, and giveaways, you can significantly grow your email list while building stronger relationships with your customers. The success of your email marketing strategy lies in continuously testing, learning, and refining your approach.

So, no matter how large or small your current email list is, there's always room for growth and improvement. Start implementing these strategies today, and you'll be well on your way to building a robust email list that supports your business's long-term success.

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